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  • Most of the Sadat had come India migrating from West Asia in ancient period to get and spread the peace and spirituality. They got the land of India full; Hazrat Syed Ali Hamdani (R.A), Srinagar; Hazrat Syed Ali Wali Rizvi (R.A.), Samana; Syed Jalal Uddin Bukhari (R.A), Uchh; Hazrat Syed Abdullah Husain Abul Faraj Zaidi Wasti (R.A.); Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz Hazrat Moeen Uddin Chishti (R.A.) Ajmer; Hazrat Syed Husain Zaidi (R.A.), Ajmer; Hazrat Syed Jamal Uddin Zaidi(R.A.), Sirsi Sadat; Hazrat Syed Ali Arab Naqvi Neshapuri Shaheed (R.A.), Sirsi Sadat; Hazrat Khawaja Nizam Uddin Aulia (R.A.), Delhi; Syed Hasan Fakhr Uddin Zaidi (R.A), Sadat Bara, Muzaffar Nagar; Hazrat Shah Wilayat Syed Husain Sharaf Uddin Naqvi Wasti(R.A), Amroha etc. were such personalitiesof peace and then, they settled here.

    The Sirsi an ancient place of Sadat in India was established and populated by such spiritual personalities. The Sirsi is located in Indo Gangetic biogeographic zone (7B). Coordinate: 25051` N 82029` E/ 24.85, 82.48. It has average elevation of 210 metres (688 feet).

    Sirsi is a town and a Nagar Panchayat in District Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh the state of India. As of the census of India in 2001, Sirsi had a population of 21,345. Males constitute 52% of the total population and females 48%. It is mainly populated by Shia Muslims about 68 % of the total population. On making the study of the glorious history of Sirsi Sadat, it is necessary to spread the information about the geographical as well as historical values of this town all over the world regarding specially the history of its Sadat, historical personalities, spiritual atmosphere etc. The fertile land of town Sirsi Sadat has originated a lot of great personalities in the various field of life such as Religious scholars, Philosophers, Writers, Urdu poets (sho`ara) and Scholars of modern education also.  These personalities have achieved the respective status in the society and raised the name of their town Sirsi by spreading all over the world.

    Our culture and history should not be forgotten, because the future of the present depends upon the experiences and achievements of the past and our culture makes our identity in the society. These thoughts have made me motivate to launch this website www.sadatesirsi.com providing information about my town Sirsi Sadat. I have tried to put a lot of information about Sirsi as for as I could search.

    I request the brothers of Sirsi to provide me more information about the town Sirsi as well as the people of Sirsi regarding the individual introductions, information of great personalities like Ulema e deen, Sho`ara-e-ikram, Ph.D. Scholars, Doctors, Engineers, Politicians and concerning with various other fields of life. Please send your views, along with your name, addresses, contact numbers, E-mail ID and more on my E-mail ID nawazishnaqvi@yahoo.com. I would be very thankful for your valuable suggestions for improvement of this website.

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